Media Conversion Price List

We handle all media entrusted to us with the utmost care. We complete all of our services in-house in Abilene, Texas. Please allow us to handle your treasured memories so you can share them with future generations.

All conversions are able to be saved to flash drive upon request. All listed prices are before tax.


Video to Digital


Film Reel

8mm & 16 mm

39¢/ft of film

3" Reel = 50 ft ; $19.50

5" Reel = 200 ft ; $78

7" Reel = 400 ft ; $156


VHS, Hi-8, VHS-C, miniDV

$35 Per tape

$5 Discount per tape if over 10 tapes


Beta Tape

$60 Per tape

Other Costs

$5 Discount per tape if over 10 tapes

$10 Per every additional hour over 2 hours

$10 DVD cover in hard case

$15 Per additional DVD copy

$20 Tape Repair with successful transfer

$35 Digital .mov file

$35 Digital .mp4 file


Audio to Digital


Cassette, 8-Track

$15 Per tape


Audio Reel, Vinyl Recording


$45 Per side for large reel  

Allow 4 weeks to process 


Post-Conversion Audio Editing

$10 Per additional recording

$5 Each CD copy

$10 CD cover in jewel case


Photo Restoration & Prints


Slides & Negatives

$1 Each

(50ยข Each if more than 1000 images)

($1.50 Each + cropping & light editing)



$2.00 Each      

($1.50 Each if more than 1000 images)

$2.50 Each + cropping & light editing

$5.00 Each with full editing


Photo Restoration 

$75 Per photo

Photo Colorization

$125 Per photo

Additional charges may apply


 Video Photo Album

(50 Photo minimum, any media type)

$3 Per photo

$4.50 Per photo + cropping & light editing



Prices available upon request


10% discount on all media conversion services for non-profits, military, & educational use.

All prices are subject to adjustment based on the media provided. Prices may increase if the media is very damaged, or requires special processing procedures.